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[DIR]Cagney & Lacey 4x22 Organized Crime2011-09-04510 MB
[DIR]Cagney & Lacey 4x21 Violation2011-09-04509 MB
[DIR]Cagney & Lacey 4x20 Con Games2011-09-04509 MB
[DIR]Cagney & Lacey 4x19 Two Grand2011-09-04512 MB
[DIR]Cagney & Lacey 4x18 Lost and Found2011-09-04511 MB
[DIR]Cagney & Lacey 4x17 Who Says it's Fair part 22011-09-04507 MB
[DIR]Cagney & Lacey 4x16 Who says it's Fair part 12011-09-04504 MB
[DIR]Cagney & Lacey 4x15 Stress2011-09-04509 MB
[DIR]Cagney & Lacey 4x14 Rules of the Game2011-09-04510 MB
[DIR]Cagney & Lacey 4x13 Happily Ever After2011-09-04509 MB
[DIR]Cagney & Lacey 4x12 American Dream2011-09-04509 MB
[DIR]Cagney & Lacey 4x11 Out of Control2011-09-04509 MB
[DIR]Cagney & Lacey 4x10 Lady Luck2011-09-04512 MB
[DIR]Cagney & Lacey 4x09 Hooked2011-09-04505 MB
[DIR]Cagney & Lacey 4x08 Thank God it's Monday2011-09-04508 MB
[DIR]Cagney & Lacey 4x07 Unusual Occurrence2011-09-04508 MB
[DIR]Cagney & Lacey 4x06 Taxicab Murders2011-09-04509 MB
[DIR]Cagney & Lacey 4x05 Fathers and Daughters2011-09-04510 MB
[DIR]Cagney & Lacey 4x04 Old Debts2011-09-04511 MB
[DIR]Cagney & Lacey 4x03 Insubordination2011-09-04510 MB
[DIR]Cagney & Lacey 4x02 Heat2011-09-04509 MB
[DIR]Cagney & Lacey 4x01 Child Witness2011-09-04511 MB
[DIR]Cagney & Lacey 3x07 Choices2011-09-04512 MB
[DIR]Cagney & Lacey 3x06 Partners2011-09-04510 MB
[DIR]Cagney & Lacey 3x05 Baby Broker2011-09-04512 MB
[DIR]Cagney & Lacey 3x04 The Bounty Hunter2011-09-04508 MB
[DIR]Cagney & Lacey 3x03 Victimless Crime2011-09-04508 MB
[DIR]Cagney & Lacey 3x02 A Killer's Dozen2011-09-04510 MB
[DIR]Cagney & Lacey 3x01 Matinee2011-09-04510 MB
[   ]Cagney & Lacey Featurette - Breaking The Laws of TV part 2.rar2011-09-04173 MB

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