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[DIR]Marvel.Super.Heroes..Secret.Wars.TPB.19992012-12-26411 MB
[DIR]Marvel.Super.Heroes..Secret.Wars.TPB.19992012-02-14411 MB
[   ]Spider-Man - Marvel Team-Up by Claremont & Byrne TPB (2011) (Bchry-DCP).cbz2014-12-28403 MB
Daredevil Visionaries v1 Frank Miller TPB (Bchry DCP).cbz2011-07-06105 MB
Fantastic_Four_Rising_Storm_TPB__Bchry-DCP_.cbz2011-07-0689 MB
[   ]Daredevil_Visionaries_v1_Frank_Miller_TPB__Bchry-DCP_.cbz2011-07-06105 MB
[DIR]Avengers Celestial Madonna TPB (2002-February) (Bchry-DCP)2011-06-04251 MB
[DIR]Incredible Hulk Visionaries v7 Peter David TPB (reedited-2010 [1991-1992] ) (Bchry-DCP)2011-06-04239 MB
[   ]Daredevil the Fall of The Kingpin TPB (Bchry-DCP).cbz2014-12-28147 MB
[   ]Velvet Vol. 1 Before The Living End (2014) (Digital TPB) (JK+Zone-Empire).cbr2014-11-05167 MB
[   ]The Manhattan Projects Vol. 04 (2014) (Digital TPB) (Pym-Empire).cbz2014-10-24170 MB
[   ]East of West v2 - We Are All One (2014) (Digital TPB) (Pym-Empire).cbz2014-10-24132 MB
[   ]East of West v1 - The Promise (2013) (Digital TPB) (Pym-Empire).cbz2014-10-24125 MB
[   ]Nova v1 - Annihilation Conquest (2007) (Digital TPB) (UberSoldier-DCP).cbr2014-10-18211 MB
[   ]Age of Bronze TPB 001 (2001) (c2c) (Gemma and Sirius-Starhome).cbr2014-10-18335 MB
[   ]Spider-Man_-_Big_Time_(2011)_(Digital_TPB)_(UberSoldier-DCP).cbr2014-10-18194 MB
[   ]Annihilation Book One (2007) (Digital TPB) (UberSoldier-DCP).cbr2014-10-18188 MB
[   ]Superior Spider-Man v1 - My Own Worst Enemy (2013) (Digital TPB) (UberSoldier-DCP).cbr2014-10-03194 MB
[   ]Lazarus Vol 2 TPB (2014) (Digital) (K6-Empire).cbr2014-09-28167 MB
[   ]Forgetless - Live To See Last Call (2010) (digital TPB) (DR & Quinch-Empire).cbr2014-09-2858 MB
[   ]Marvel_vs_Capcom_2_Usa_PS2-CSiSO.6804538.TPB.torrent2012-04-19195 KB
[DIR]Monster_of_Frankenstein__B_W_Marvel_-_Essential_TPB_-_2004__by_Potifar2011-08-0678 MB
JOHN_BYRNE___S_MARVEL_TEAM-UP_COLLECTION_TPB_1__new_edits_.cbr2010-09-25114 MB
JOHN_BYRNE___S_MARVEL_TEAM-UP_COLLECTION_TPB_2__new_edits_.cbr2010-09-25114 MB
[   ]Marvel_Masters_The_Art_of_John_Byrne_TPB_(Bchry-DCP).cbz2010-09-23248 MB

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